Monday, August 4, 2008

Simple Wrap Sandwich recipe ideas

Wraps are an easy lunch or dinner hot or cold they can be served many ways I buy Lebanese flat bread every week winter or summer I prefer it as my daily bread
When cooking chicken for wraps or any dish that needs juicy chicken poach the chicken fillet cover with water and a crumbed stock cube and bake in the oven till cooked
Its a good way to make tender juicy chicken
Middle eastern and indian flavors work beautiful with Flatbreads

Chicken Tomato Wraps
This is a sweet chicken wrap a meal in itself just thinking of it makes me hungry
Juicy chunks of warm or cold chicken sliced placed on a wrap add a honey and Dijon mustard dressing and surround with chunks of green pepper and tomato

I use this recipe when I cater its easy to make and goes down a treat
Tabbouleh ham and Hummus
Spread Hummus on wrap add Slicers of ham top with tabbouleh (recipes already on blog)

Beef and Sumac /Zattar mix wraps
This dish is delightful a lebanese friend always has the seasoned meat in her fridge for the kids to make as soon as they come in from work or school you only cook one side
Blend thoroughly enough Mince Beef with sumac or zattar mix or both add s/p
Cover the pitta bread with the meat thinly by spreading the meat thinly pressing and smoothing with fingers till all flat bread is covered
Place under a grill till meat is cooked takes less than a minute if thin enough (don't burn)
When cooked roll up and serve one side is soft the middle is crunchy

Dhall Flat Bread
This recipe came about when I lived in the bush
I use dhall (recipe already on blog ) and spread it on my heated flat bread and wrap served with a chutney or yogurt and banana or lettuce and coconut

Bean Burritto
I place flat bread in fry pan and spead top with bean dip(recipe already on blog) add a bit of grated cheese add salsa on top when cheese melts roll up and serve
with quacamole and more salsa

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